We believe in the sustainable future of Honey Bee populations worldwide

We have beehives and bees available for purchase. In conjunction with our inventory of the honey bees, we offer a full curriculum of education for the proper caring and raising of bees. Tumalo Bee Academy hosts an open class every 2nd Tuesday of every month. You can join at any time with a punch card for $25. The academy also offers the full package; bees, hive, class book, one class per month and optional free infield classes all year long, approximately 30 added classes and outdoor hive work.

Our Teachers

  • Master Bee Keeper instructor Stephen Harris has taught how to care for bees throughout the Central Oregon for the last 47 years.
  • Jim Anderson is a long time area published naturalist and wildlife expert. Jim has been educating nature enthusiasts around the west for 50 years. He is renowned for his studies on eagles and birds of prey in Central Oregon.
  • Michael Ludeman is the owner and developer of Tumalo Garden Market, as well as longtime Eastern and Central Oregon wildlife and nature enthusiast.

Tumalo Bee Academy

You can learn more about the absolutely intriguing life of the Honey Bee at Tumalo Bee Academy.  We will educate you on the three types of bees: the queen, the worker, and the drone. The Queen Bee’s sole purpose is to lay eggs. The Worker Bees are sterile female bees. As their name implies all they do is work. The Drone Bee’s main function is to be ready to fertilize a receptive Queen. If he isn’t fortunate to find a Queen to mate with, the Worker Bees will force him out of the hive come winter, as he is no longer deemed useful.

Learn More!

This is just a smitten of information you will receive on the Honey Bee at Tumalo Bee Academy at Tumalo Garden Market every second Tuesday 6 pm. Call for more Information. 541-728-0088


Closed Until March. Call for an appointment anytime this winter.

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