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Full service, concierge-style landscape management and garden services.

Our job is to help you create the garden of your dreams

We offer a concierge-style landscape management and garden services.


We work with each client to determine where we can partner with them to best meet their needs. Some of the folks we work with want us to come in and take care of everything, for others we work in partnership dovetailing our services with the things the home owner wants to do for themselves. We have assembled a team of professionals that provide top notch service and a high quality product – the end result is a happy customer. We provide the full spectrum for your landscape needs, from complete irrigation and landscape installation to full season maintenance on to your winterization.

When landscaping in the high desert you will need to carefully select your plant material. Tumalo Garden Market carries all types of plant products that are acclimated for the high desert zone (4-5). Growing in Bend, Oregon is a bit different than most areas in the U.S. We sit at an elevation of 3500 ft and are graced with seven snow capped mountain peaks reaching 10,000 ft. This creates great views and interesting growing. It can be 60 in January or snowing in July, either way we understand that the plant material is very specific and needs attention in the landscape design.

We use the best landscape practices and rely on all of our landscape plants to be select nursery stock, climate hardy for Bend, Oregon. The projects we have provided customers through the years extends from large public schools, large U.S. government complexes, commercial buildings, executive retreats, private residences and a multitude of backyard environments. These backyard settings include outdoor kitchens, gardens, greenhouses, fire pits and combinations of all blending into a natural look and feeling for your comfort. We build naturalized ponds and stream beds creating water for habitat like deer, elk, quail and local critters, as well as irrigation for the fields and gardens.

Construction begins on a landscaping project right here at Tumalo Garden Market, where we walk our customers through a unique process explaining what the end product can look like by utilizing what we built at the nursery. Display landscapes are built at the TGM for the customer to tour and develop a sense of what they want before we start.

We also specialize in working with ranches large and small throughout Central Oregon. We have expertise in working with our customers to create comprehensive water management systems including irrigation ponds and underground irrigation systems. We understand the intricacies of filing for farm deferral credits, energy credit for wind and solar powered aeration systems and the successful creation of Wildlife Habitat Zones tied in to EFU tax deductions.

Landscaping is an art form. Earth’s Art landscaping creates natural designs to inspire each customer. We provide a full line of services to our customers including irrigation installations whether large or small, as well as design and installation of paver products, turf, pergolas, decks, water features, and irrigation ponds (naturalized to bring out the best for the environment).


We also like to create living areas for the backyard that encompass patios, raised beds, and bird and wildlife habitats. Nature, ready just out your back door.

We are licensed, bonded and insured to give our customers the protection needed in the construction environment. Our crews are experienced and have been with us for many years therefore providing great stability in our product delivery.

Revolutionary 100 Garden Centers

Take a moment and enter our Revolutionary Top 100  Garden Center, Voted by “Garden Center Magazine” 2013 and 2014; where you’ll find one of a kind accessories for your garden – gorgeous pottery, house plants, hand-made bird houses, harmonic wind chimes and even sun sails.

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