Raised Garden Beds

Protect your spring planting from harsh elements.

Raised Garden Beds

Raised Beds are a great way to protect your spring planting from frosts or wind. Raising soils in the beds helps with the solar heating. Sometimes we will build a raised garden with rocks and utilize the maximum solar heat to help maintain a warmer environment around the plants. We have a perennial garden on site to show this technique.

Fact check: For every 1 hour of solar heat it equals 1” in depth of heat. It will take an hour for that heat to be released. Solar rays can be absorbed into the rocks and slowly release heat through the night. Understanding how to maintain heat around rock gardens can help with early growth in the spring.

Wood Raised Bed Kits

We also make our raised beds and planting tables at the shop at Tumalo Garden Market. We hand-make our beds using cedar 2 x 10’s with galvanized steel hoops, covered with 6 mil AG poly factory plastic sheeting which protects your vegetables from frost and wind and creates the perfect growing environment.

We have built a fairly easy-to-install Raised Bed kit; our designs come from our experience in constructing greenhouses over the past 8 years throughout Central Oregon. We have incorporated the building techniques from green houses and rolled them out in the raised beds. It is simple, proven, sturdy and lasts for years. Our kits come in standard 4×8 designs for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our beds are set up at the nursery so you can view construction methods and ask questions from our helpful staff. We are there to help you build through the process and introduce you to a great way to grow veggies in Central Oregon.



Wiggle wire and channel ($1.65 / Ln. ft.)

Shade cloth – 13 x 9’ ($8 / sq ft)

New 6 mil AG Poly – $12 Ln. ft. (comes in 32 ft width)


Raised Bed Kit

Prices may fluctuate due to market.
  • 2-2x10x8’ Cedar Timbers
  • 2-2x10x4’ Cedar Timbers
  • 3-½ galvy steel hoops
  • 13 x 9’  – 6 mil AG poly  (Used)
  • 8 x 4’  –  6 mil AG poly  (Used)
  • 10 – ½ plastic clips
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