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There are many advantages of choosing radiant in-floor heating over other methods.

This heating system produces even heat, which gently warms the entire room or building which results in uniform heating levels throughout the area. This provides optimum comfort levels for the plants growing inside the greenhouse. Also, because there is no energy lost through ducts or irregular air flow, this type of heating is more energy-efficient than baseboard or forced-air systems, which can save lots of money on monthly fuel bills during the cold Central Oregon snowy seasons. Since this method uses less electricity, it is ideal for homes off the power grid or in areas with high electricity costs. Another great aspect of radiant in-floor heating is that it can be used with a variety of energy sources, including propane and natural gas, oil-fired boilers, wood-fired boilers, solar heaters or a combination of these.

We have extensive experience and expertise installing radiant floor heating systems that draw on the earth’s insulation. This helps keep plants warm on the high desert cold nights.

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For greenhouses large and small we work with you to install a radiant floor heating system that extend the growing season all year long.
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