For the Gardner, soils are everything.

Our knowledgable staff can help educate you!

For the Gardner, soils are everything. A lot has been published on the health of soils over the past 50 years, and we have a lot to learn from that information, so we recommend that you spend some time doing your own research. We have educated our staff for the best practices and directions to follow when helping you invest in your primary substrate; your soils. From our experience we feel that the options are varied and numerous. We have sought to simplify things for our customers by offering a select group of soils to maximum yield in the garden.

Dr. Earth Planting Soils

We feature Dr. Earth; planting soils presented in color-coded packaging to ensure that your soil, fertilizer and pesticide treatment ….  is 100% ORGANIC and easy to pair up.  The color coding helps the customer with the proper methods and best results by staying within each soil specifications. And with that; we want to insure that your soil is alive with a pro-biotic that maintains itself through the live of the soil and builds on the foundation.

Dr Earth is the only patented Pro-Biotic soil in the industry, and to help the soils stay alive and healthy in the bag Dr Earth adds an aloe-Vera extract that provides moisture to the bugs and humic acid, helping to create an environment that will last and build on the health.

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