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Earth Friendly Living

A sustainable garden, one that supports the local ecosystem and spurns chemical intervention, can be as beautiful as it is virtuous. We work with you to consider how each part of your backyard garden can be engineered so that it works as one self-supporting loop. From rain barrels that harvest water for irrigation, to permeable paving that allows runoff to percolate into the soil, to a fence that composts garden clippings, every backyard element contributes to the landscape’s sustainability as well as its beauty and productivity.

The entire team at Tumalo Garden Market/Earth’sArt believes in living sustainably. We are deeply committed to working with out clients to create landscaping solutions that not only reward, but are also sensitive to the environment. We cherish the earth’s resources and work very hard to make sure that we take great care with the work that we do.

Wind Power

Keeping ponds clean and healthy requires putting oxygen in the water. Without it water turns unhealthy, resulting in fish kills and bacterial growth. You can prevent this by aerating the water with a wind driven aeration system. This system works by driving natural toxins to the surface, which is freed by the perpetually circulated water, reducing stagnancy and improving the entire pond environment.

We utilize wind power to drive aeration systems for our customers’ irrigation ponds. We have numerous resources available to help you care for your ponds, as a dealer for Outdoor water solutions we offer state -of the – art water aeration products. Come see our windmill in action and how we keep our pond healthy.

Keep your pond healthy and algae free.


Join our Bee Academy and learn how to nurture your own hive.

Custom Greenhouses

Starting at $2,500 we build custom residential and commercial greenhouses to fit any need.

Wind Power

Wind power systems to improve irrigation pond aeration.

Revolutionary 100 Garden Centers

Take a moment and enter our Revolutionary Top 100  Garden Center, Voted by “Garden Center Magazine” 2013 and 2014; where you’ll find one of a kind accessories for your garden – gorgeous pottery, house plants, hand-made bird houses, harmonic wind chimes and even sun sails.

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